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  • Tofu cat litter
  • Tofu cat litter
  • Tofu cat litter
Tofu cat litter

Product description

Description: Eco-friendly deodorization tofu cat litter

Specification: 2-3mm

Brand: ODM / OEM service

100% biodegradable 100% compostable litter

Lock water and deodorize

Natural non-toxic

Can flushed into the toilet

Product Usage

Clean cat feces and urine

Product advantages

Food-grade environmentally friendly cat litter

•Extracted from the residue of edible tofu

•By high temperature, heat disinfection

•Give you food-grade peace of mind

No pigment and no fragrance

With super strong clumping and not easy to break

Because of the natural ingredient, it is soluble in water

When cleaning, you can pour it into the toilet


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