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About Us

Company Visions

Shang-jie Pet Products Co., Ltd is a cat litter manufacturing company, located in Qingdao city. We are committed to design & manufacture quality products, with the primary goal of serving worldwide market that people trust and the pets love. We focus on producing various quality cat litter over 15 years. Our full range cat litter – Crystal, Crystal Clumping, Crystal with fragrance, Crystal Drops, Tofu cat litter, can save pet owners a lot of efforts and time in cleaning, scooping, removing and replacing cat litter everyday, makes your cleaning routine simpler, easier and more efficient, you can enjoy the rest of the fun time with your cats. 

Shang-jie Pet Products Co., Ltd is a company with strong technical strength. With the advantages of high quality, low price and a stable supply, our product exported to more than ten countries and regions in Europe, America and Middle East.

The Path to Reaching Our Goals

To attain the goal of providing functional, efficient products for our customers, we apply extreme focus, research and passion each step of the way. Taking pride and extra care through to the planning, design and production phase, we are dedicated to bringing you reliable and quality designs.

We are True Listeners

All feedback is carefully considered and new revisions of products as well as new product line launches are a direct response to the demand.

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